Explore: 360 Degree Tours

The University of Birmingham offers a unique campus experience with grand historic buildings alongside contemporary iconic buildings.

Birmingham Business School Grounds

Our 360 degree tours allow international students to experience the campus grounds and see inside the Business School, other University buildings, lecture theatres and student accommodation.

  • Two of the lecture theatres within the Business School; room G07 and room G12.
  • See a virtual tour of the bedrooms and kitchens at the student accommodation Maple Bank, located within Vale Village.
  • View part of the campus grounds, featuring Old Joe, the tallest free-standing clock tower in the world.
  • The Aston Webb building houses The Great Hall and its exquisite entrance hall.

Muirhead Tower

Muirhead Tower is an iconic contemporary building located centrally on campus and comprises 12,000sq.m of floor space between two towers. As well as modern, attractive spaces for teaching and research accommodating 150 academic offices, the towers also feature 230 "hubs" for post graduate research students, teaching rooms for up to 100 people, a 200 seat lecture theatre and its very own Starbucks.