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Birmingham Business School has an extensive worldwide reach, with international students studying not only at the University of Birmingham campus but also within countries across the world.  The School is part of a number of research and teaching partnerships with countries such as Singapore, Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

As part of the University's College of Social Sciences, Birmingham Business School is proud of its extensive links with universities, ambassadors and other strategic partners throughout the world. The map below highlights the extensive links, activities and collaborations the Business School and other Schools within the College of Social Sciences undertake across the globe.

Alumni Ambassadors

One of the best ways to learn more about life at Birmingham Business School and studying our programmes, particularly The Birmingham MBA, is to talk to those who have experienced it for themselves.

Our Alumni Ambassadors allow you to connect directly with our dynamic graduates who have first-hand experience of all that the Business School, University and the city of Birmingham have to offer and  look forward to answering your questions about Birmingham Business School academics, student life, career advancement and more.

Please note that the alumni ambassadors do not form part of the Admissions Team, so cannot assess your chances of being accepted onto the course and will not be able to answer questions regarding entry requirements, international visa requirements etc.  If you have any questions on these areas, please contact -

If you have any trouble contacting any of our alumni ambassadors, or if you do not see an email listed on their profile, please contact Victoria Harold for their contact information.

The Alumni Ambassadors can be found in the map below, but for more detailed information visit the Business School Alumni Ambassadors map.

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