The four major projects integral to the Birmingham MBA programme provide our full time MBA students with four distinct opportunities to gain practical experience whilst studying towards their MBA qualification.


Project 1 – Incubator Project

The first project, the Incubator project is compulsory and is embedded within the Developing Leadership Practice module. Here students work in consultancy teams to support a start-up business based in our incubator space. Work is focused on a specified brief and student teams have the full support of academics as facilitators and mentors.


Project 2 – International Strategy

This is a compulsory project which sits within the Global Business Development module. The same consultancy team methodology is used as in Project 1, but with this project students are set an internationalisation objective by two companies.


Project 3 – Global Mindset

The International Business Experience is an elective module in semester two. It allows students the opportunity to undertake a group based consultancy project in another country. Currently, this runs with our partners in the Central European University in Hungary.


Project 4 – The Management Challenge

At this point in the learning journey, students will have had a lot of practice at undertaking live company consultancy projects and will have completed the Deloitte Consultancy Training programme. This final optional challenge allows students to tackle an individual consultancy project with a company based either in the UK or overseas.