Shaping Your Future: Employability and Careers

From the very start of your MBA, you receive bespoke advice from our employment consultants to take you to the next level and to open doors to a range of potential employers.

Through one-to-one coaching, our industry experienced employment consultants work with you to clarify your aspirations and support you in your future career to jointly develop a winning employment strategy for you.

Throughout the programme, you will have the opportunity to be involved in group and individual activities, all aimed at helping you to develop the skills and techniques which lead to highly successful employment outcomes.

'Careers in Business'

The Careers in Business team are experienced consultants, providing specialist careers support services to MBA students. The team is located located in University House and is for the exclusive use of Business School postgraduates; find out more.

Engagement with Employers

Whilst on your MBA you will have the opportunity to engage with top international companies. This year, our MBA students participated in a range of activities with employers including BP, GE, IBM, Accenture, Capgemini, Unilever, Deloitte and HSBC.

IBM Talks to MBA Students

An opportunity to find out more about professional careers with IBM. IBM is high in the world’s most influential global brands list and the leading technology services company in the UK and Ireland.

Distinguished Leaders Series

Our guest lectures give students the opportunity to listen to high profile leaders from a range of industries across the world. Find out more about our Distinguished Leaders Series of guest lectures.

Careers in Consultancy Networking Event

A panel discussion and networking event, focusing on careers in consultancy, with contributions by an experienced consultant, alumni working in consultancy and a recruiter.

Employment Activity Schedule

During the different semesters of your MBA study, you will partake in a number of employment activities to help improve your employment.

View an employment activity schedule


Semester 1

  • Meet your consultants
  • Careers in 'Investment Banking' presentation
  • Job seeking strategies workshop

Semester 2

  • Mock Assessment Centre
  • Careers in Consultancy networking event
  • Employer presentation

Semester 3

  • Live job search session
  • Interview skills workshop

Examples of individual activities

  • Discuss your plans and aspirations
  • Improve your CV
  • Engage in successful networking
  • Write effective job applications
  • Practice interview skills, with audio recording and feedback

Examples of anticipated outcomes

  • A clear understanding of your employment strengths
  • A proactive employment stratgey
  • A strong CV and LinkdIn profile
  • Formation of student-led Sector Interest Groups with your peers
  • New links with great employers

Mock Assessment Centre

All of our MBA students have the opportunity to attend an interactive Mock Assessment Centre. The day includes a range of exercises which are designed to reflect those typically used by employers in assessment centres such as case studies, group exercises and interviews.

As well as developing their presentation, communication and interview skills, students also receive peer and tutor feedback on their performance and have the chance to network with employers. We are fortunate to have long-standing relationships with a number of companies who support this event including Capgemini, Unilever, Royal Mail, IBM and Deloitte.

It provides an excellent experience for the students; the exercises that they go through provides a realistic and challenging environment for students to hone their skills.” Employers

The critical feedback received during the session was very useful and helped significantly in evaluating our current standing, any areas of improvement and key pointers on what we needed to understand and solve various tasks presented in the centre.” Students

Sector Interest Groups

As part of your MBA you will have an opportunity to develop and run your own sector development group. Choosing to focus on your chosen employment sector (consultancy, finance, marketing etc) the aim is to:

  • Share knowledge and experience with your peers
  • Work as part of a team
  • Increase your professional networks
  • Improve your understanding of an occupational sector
  • Take a proactive approach to your career

This voluntary activity has proved to be an effective way for Birmingham MBA students to make links with key players in their chosen industry sector whether through company trips or inviting specialist speakers.

Examples of Sector Interest Group Activity

  • Host/attend networking/alumni events – Distinguished Leader Events
  • Arrange company visits (on campus or at company)
  • Case Studies
  • Search and create shared folder for career openings/job postings/specialist job boards/recruitment agencies
  • Research application/selection methods
  • Attend career events/workshops
  • Join Linked In Groups