Living Costs and Accommodation

Coming to the UK to study is a serious financial commitment. You need to ensure that you have sufficient funds for your full tuition, your living expenses and the living expenses of any dependants. You should have the funding secured before travelling to the UK and starting your course.

Living Costs

Costs of living vary throughout Britain. Students living in Birmingham enjoy lower costs than many other cities in the UK, but the actual amount you will spend will depend upon your lifestyle. We can only give you an approximate indication of how much you will need. 

You can find out about how much The University of Birmingham estimates that the cost of living for a single student is by visiting the Money advice and support pages of the student support area, which includes a table of living costs


The accommodation section of the University of Birmingham website includes information on accommodation services for postgraduates which is useful for planning your living costs during your time studying your MBA. Here you can find out about the services available for finding accommodation that is suitable for you as well as a list of average rents in the local area.

The University of Birmingham understands the importance of securing suitable accommodation when you are getting use to an unfamiliar environment and meeting new people. This is why we guarantee a place in University accommodation to all EU / international students who are new to Birmingham (provided that you meet the criteria detailed in our International Guarantee Scheme).