Birmingham Business School Discussion Paper Series

Paper number Discussion paper title Author(s)
2014-05 A Note on learning in a credit economy Pei Kuang

A Model of housing and credit cycles with imperfect market knowledge

 Pei Kuang


2014-02 Queuing up for justice : elections and case backlogs Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay & Bryan McCannon
2014-01 Working for Ford Forty Years On. Paul Edwards
2013-14 Beyond the organisation & beyond the nation state …. & the employment relationship, same as it ever was? Global value chains & the challenges for Industrial Relations Research. Helen Rainbird & Pamela K. Robinson
2013-13 Stairway to heaven or gateway to hell? A competing risk analysis of delistings from Hong Kong’s Growth Enterprise Market. Robert Cressy & Hisham Farag
2013-12 Brand Recognition & Quality Inferences Yvetta Simonyan & Daniel Goldstein
2013-11 The embedded nature of the retirement experience: a life course study. Holly Birkett
2013-10 The Role of Context in the Globalization of Chinese Firms John Child & Svetla Marinova
2013-09 Decision Mode, Information and Network Attachment in the Internationalization of SMEs: A Configurational and Contingency Analysis John Child, Linda H.Y. Hsieh
2013-08 Neuroscience and Reductionism: Some Realist Reflections Paul Edwards
2013-07 Demystifying cultural intermediaries: Who are they, what do they do and where can they be found in England? Lisa De Propris and Samuel Mwaura
2013-06 Information asymmetry and the structure of loan syndicates Sajid Chaudhry and Stefanie Kleimeier
2013-05 Why do companies delist voluntarily from the stock market? Eilnaz Kashefi Pour and Meziane Lasfer
2013-04 The making of an innovative multinational firm: Chinese capability development through the acquisition of MG Rover Simon Collinson
2013-03 Tagger's delight? Disclosure and liking behaviour in Facebook: the effects of sharing photographs amongst multiple known social circles

David Houghton, Adam Joinson, Nigel Caldwell and Ben Marder
2013-02 Revealing gaps in the project management literature: an application of multi-paradigm review to explanations of megaproject governance Joe Sanderson
2013-01 The Sociology of Work: from Industrial Sociology to Work, Employment and the Economy Paul Edwards