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Birmingham Business School undertakes engaged and relevant research that contributes to academic debate worldwide, and undertake projects funded by the Research Councils, major trusts, professional institutions, government departments and the EU.

A series of broad research clustersunderpin the research activities of the School:

Department Research

Each Department within the Business School is designed to deliver authoritative research and specialist teaching; find out about their areas of research and ongoing projects:

Department of:AccountingBusiness and Labour Economics | Finance | EconomicsEntrepreneurship & Local Economy | MarketingOrganisation, Work and Employment | Procurement and Operations Management | Strategy and International Business

Doctoral Research 

We offer a range of Doctoral Research (PhD/MSc/MPhil) programmes which allow you to become fully involved with research topics and contribute to debate across the whole of school.

Research projects

Associations between testosterone and self-employment

This study looked at whether testosterone has pronounced effects on men's physiological development, and whether there is a relation to self-employment.

Reel Lives

The term "digital personhood" is used to discuss recognition of a human being as having status as a person in the electronic realm. But all too often the digital data underpinning personhood is fragmented and offers very little in the sense of an individual life story or presence.

The Internationalization of SMEs – Learning from Experience in Different Countries

Focusing on the challenges, experiences and policies of small and medium-sized enterprises [SMEs] that are expanding their business to foreign markets, this research project is a comparative investigation into the internationalization of SMEs from nine countries.

Smart Leadership for Smart Cities

Aiming to fill the gap in our understanding of Smart Cities, our research has examined their contemporary leadership dynamics, and surfaced new and important learning about the ways in which effective knowledge-oriented leadership is enacted in these places.

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Latest research news

The Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship: 10 Years On
It's ten years since the Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME), now operating at the heart of University of Birmingham's Business School, came into being.
University of Birmingham academics examine effects of integrating workplace wellbeing activities into organisations
Academics from Birmingham Business School and the School of Health and Population Sciences at the University of Birmingham have been awarded funding for a new project with Health Exchange, a leading health and wellbeing organisation in Birmingham.
IAS and CREME 'New Migrant Businesses' workshop
The 'New Migrant Businesses: Implications for Policymakers and Practitioners' workshop brought together researchers and practitioners looking to explore new avenues for research in the realm of new migrant businesses.

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Papers, podcasts and publishings

Discussion Paper Series

The latest research discussion papers by academics across all departments of Birmingham Business School.

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Listen to and download podcasts featuring our academics discussing their research papers and interests.

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