Working with policy makers, academics, support providers and businesses, the EDRC brings together internationally recognized scholars to examine research questions such as:

  • how and why firms start and grow,
  • what role can business support and public policy play in developing entrepreneurial firms,
  • how research can support entrepreneurial practice.

The EDRC is led by Professor Francis Greene, an entrepreneurship specialist that has worked with organisations such as the OECD, the EU and many of the major UK banks.

The EDRC seeks to build on existing strengths within the cluster and develop new ways of engaging with real business issues. In terms of existing strengths, the EDRC is the new home of Centre for Research in Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship (CREME).

Led by Professor Monder Ram, CREME applies insights gained from high quality research into issues faced by minority businesses in terms of capital and finance, supplier diversity, wages, migration policies, technology and social inclusion.

One of CREME’s key initiatives is the Enterprise and Diversity Alliance (EDA), which was created as a knowledge exchange vehicle to communicate CREME’s research to a non-academic audience. Led by Professors Kiran Trehan and Monder Ram, the EDA works with partners drawn from academia, support providers, businesses and policy makers. Its mission is to ‘Make Diversity and Enterprise Everyone’s Business’.

Both CREME and the EDA complement developing strengths within the overall EDRC in terms of other forms of diversity entrepreneurship (e.g. female, youth and disability entrepreneurship) and fit with the overall mission of the EDRC to translate high quality research into policy and practice.

To develop new ways of blending research with real business issues, the EDRC also aims work with academics, practitioners and support providers to develop a business facing research at the interface between science, technology and entrepreneurship.