Below are the upcoming as well as previous GVC related events:

Upcoming Events

To be confirmed.

Previous Events

9th June 2014

3rd GVC Workshop - "High Value Engineering: Critical Capabilities for Advanced Manufacturing". The workshop will be held at the Royal Academy of Engineering in London on Monday 9th June 2014 from 10am to 5.30pm

25-26th April 2013
2nd Workshop on Integrating labour and skills into global value chains

20th February 2013
"Horsing around with the food chain: counting the cost of cheap meat" Birmingham Perspective

28th September 2012
Brum Dine With Me (YouTube video)

Going Bananas - Supported by the European Union, the chief aim of the event was to demonstrate how international companies (producers and supermarkets) think in terms of the food they sell, in respect of public health, the development of a responsible approach to sourcing product and the importance of fair trade. The event brought together researchers with Birmingham Wholesale Market and Fyffes Bananas, the world’s largest exporter and wholesaler of bananas.

11th November 2011
ESRC Festival of Social Sciences Week ‘Ethical Dilemmas’ Event

The chief aim of this event was to raise awareness of ethical issues in business and society and facilitate debate in terms of resolving such problems. The activity was conducted in the style of the BBC Question Time programme and a panel of representatives from business, local government and civil society responded to questions asked by high school and undergraduate students.

10th September 2010
1st Workshop on Bringing the Stakeholders into Global Value Chains



June 2014 "High Value Engineering: Critical Capabilities for Advanced Manufacturing"


April 2013 "Integrating labour and skills into GVC's"


June 2011 "Bringing the Stakeholders into Global Value Chains"