Professor Matthew Cole

Professor Matthew Cole

The Department of Economics
Professor of Environmental Economics
Head of Department

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Department of Economics
University of Birmingham
JG Smith Building
B15 2TT

Professor Matthew Cole is Head of the Department of Economics. Research Interests include Environmental Economics; Development Economics; International Economics (and the intersection of the three).


BA(Hons) Economics, MA Economics, PhD Economics (Nottingham)


Head of the Department of Economics

Co-Editor of the Journal of Environmental Economics and Management

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Current teaching:

ECON110B Sustainable Development

ECONG46D Environmental Economics


Globalisation and the environment. More specifically, the impact of trade, economic growth and investment flows on the environment and the role played by differences in environmental regulations. Of particular interest are firm and industry level studies of economy-environment interactions, often in developing countries. 



Cole, M.A. Elliott, R.J.R. Okubo, T. and Strobl, E. (2013), Natural Disasters and Plant Survival: The impact of the Kobe earthquake, Discussion papers 13063, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry (RIETI). Submitted.


Albornoz, F.A., Cole, M.A., Elliott. R.J.R. and Ercolani, M. (2014), The environmental actions of firms: Examining the role of spillovers, networks and absorptive capacity, Journal of Environmental Management, 146, 150-163.

Cole, M.A., Elliott, R.J.R., Okubo, T. (2014), International Environmental Outsourcing, Review of World Economics.

Cole, M.A., Elliott, R.J.R. and Strobl, E. (2014). Climate Change, Hydro-dependency and the African Dam Boom. World Development, 60, pp. 84-98

Cole, M.A., Elliott, R.J.R., Okubo, T. and Zhou, Y. (2013). The Carbon Dioxide Emissions of Firms: A Spatial Analysis. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 65, 2, pp. 290-309.

Cole, M.A., Elliott, R.J.R. and Zhang, J. (2011).Growth, Foreign Direct Investment and the Environment: Evidence fromChinese Cities. Journal of Regional Science.

Cole, M.A., Elliott, R.J.R. and Lindley, J. (2009). Dirty Money: Is There a Wage Premium for Working in a Pollution Intensive Industry?Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 39, 2, pp. 161-80.