Dr Paul Cox

Dr Paul Cox

The Department of Accounting
Senior Lecturer of Finance

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PhD Finance (Exeter)
PDip Business Finance (Brunel)
BA (Hons) Economics (Liverpool)


I am Senior Lecturer of Finance in the Business School at the University of Birmingham.  From 1993 to 2000 I worked at Kleinwort Benson Investment Management as an equity fund manager of actively managed international and emerging market mutual and pension fund portfolios.  In 2001 I went back to university and commenced a doctoral programme.  I have developed extensive experience of working with investment institutions and with Government departmental and non-departmental bodies.  I teach financial literacy in primary schools as a volunteer, and through this have developed an interest in how children acquire financial capability.

Postgraduate supervision

I welcome applications based on strong research proposals from prospective doctoral researchers in areas that follow my research interests, as well on communicating investment.


Accounting and Finance

Centre on Household Assets and Savings Management

My research interests are broadly focused around institutional investment – in particular pensions, saving and retirement; around corporate governance – in particular voting, stock lending and communication; around financial literacy and capability; and around portfolio investment and risk.

Other activities

Chief Examiner, Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment.
Volunteer, Personal Finance Education Group.
Adviser, The National Employment Savings Trust.


Working Papers

Cox, P. Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Pensions: PensionAccounting Changes and Differences in Their Demand for Shares.

Cox, P & Mallin, C The Value of Voting in Corporate Control and Corporate Governance Situations.

Cox, P, & Gaya, P. Institutional interest in corporate responsibility: portfolio evidence and ethical explanation.

Cox, P. The Learning of Financial Literacy and Capability: Evidence from the Classroom.

Refereed Journals

Cox, P, 2011. Risk sharing in defined contribution pension schemes, Journal of Risk, Editorial, Special Issue, spring.

Cox, P, & Schneider, M, 2010. Is US socially responsibleinvesting global or local in perspective? A study of US pension planinvestment in the UK. Business & Society, 49(2) pp252 - 289. Also Best Paper Award, 2006 Academy of Management conference.

Cox, P, Brammer, S, & Millington, A, 2008. Pension funds and corporate social performance: An empirical analysis. Business & Society, 47(2) pp213 - 241.

Cox, P, 2008. The role of trust and risk in predicting individuals’ savings allocation behaviour; Journal of Financial Decision Making, 4(1) pp17-32.

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Cox, P, Brammer, S, & Millington, A, 2004. An empiricalexamination of institutional investor preferences for corporate socialperformance. Journal of Business Ethics, 52(1), pp27-43.

Government Consultations and Research Reports

Cox, P, 2009. Responsible Investment in Fund Management: It Works, But When? Department For Work and Pensions Research Report.

Contribution to:

Personal Accounts Delivery Authority, May 2009. Building personal accounts: designing an investment approach. A discussion paper to support consultation.