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Eric Shiu

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Birmingham Business School
University House
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Eric Shiu achieved an MA degree with distinction at Lancaster University.  Afterwards, he underwent a doctoral research training programme through which he was awarded an MSc by Research degree, and then accomplished a doctorate at the University of Edinburgh.  Prior to joining the University of Birmingham Business School, Eric taught at the University of Edinburgh.  He has received a Certificate of Award after successful completion of the International Teachers Programme organised by the International Schools of Business Management.  


MA with Distinction (Lancaster)

MSc by Research (Edinburgh)

PhD (Edinburgh)

PG Cert Learning and Teaching (Birmingham)

Fellow (Higher Education Academy)


Eric has accumulated more than ten years of research experience across academic, governmental as well as industry domains, which earned him a number of research excellence awards. 

Additionally, an adapted paper of his PhD research has assisted him in receiving the first prize research award from the UK Online User Group.  More recently, he has won the best research paper award from European Applied Business Research Conference in Athens, Greece.  To date he has published more than thirty research papers. 

Eric has also been recently awarded a grant from European Science Foundation allowing him to carry out research collaboration with like-minded academics at continental European universities.  He has also successfully completed a high-tech product research consultancy project funded by Advantage West Midlands.


Eric currently teaches two modules – Marketing Research as well as Product and Innovation Management – for the MSc Marketing Suite students. He previously taught International Marketing as well as New and Hi-Tech Product Marketing.

Eric supervises students of undergraduate, master’s and PhD levels, and has been an examiner of a number of external and internal PhD theses.  To date he has successfully nurtured four PhD graduates. 

Eric is the Admissions Tutor for the MSc Marketing Suite. For the academic year of 2009-10, he was the Dissertation Coordinator for the MSc Marketing Suite. Eric also acted as Interim Programme Director for the MSc Marketing Programme in 2004-05. He was Admissions Tutor for Undergraduate Bachelor of Commerce Programme in 2001-03.


  • Innovation

  • Creativity

  • New product management and marketing

  • Research methodology

  • Research skills

Other activities

Eric sits on the programme committee for European Conference on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, which is held annually in European cities. He is founding member of Network for Interdisciplinary Creativity Knowledge. He is also member of ESOMAR, PDMA, ISPIM, SAS User Group and SPSS User Group.


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