Dr Daniela Raeva-Beri

Dr Daniela Raeva-Beri

The Department of Economics
Lecturer in Economics

Contact details

Department of Economics
University of Birmingham
JG Smith Building
B15 2TT


PhD in Economics and Management (Sant' Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa)


Principles of Economics AB


Research Interests: Behavioural and Experimental Economics

Other activities

Director of Undergraduate Studies


Raeva, D., Van Dijk, and Zeelenberg M. (2011) How comparing decision outcomes affects subsequent
decisions: The carry-over of a comparative mindset. Judgment and Decision Making, 6, pp. 343-350.

Raeva, D., Mittone, L., and Schwarzbach, J. (2010) Regret now, take it now: On the role of experienced
regret on intertemporal choice. Journal of Economic Psychology, 31, pp. 634-642.

Kokinov, B., and Raeva, D. (2007) A Cognitive approach to context effects on individual decision making
Under Risk. In Walliser, B. & Bourgine, P. (Eds.) Cognitive Economics. Elsevier, pp. 99-116.