Staff in the School of Cancer Sciences


Dr Graham Taylor

Lecturer in Tumour Immunology

Graham Taylor joined the School of Cancer Sciences in 2000 with a background in virology and has since developed a research portfolio studying the immune response to Epstein Barr Virus, a common human pathogen that is associated with a number of different types of cancer. 

Part of this work has been to help develop a vaccine to treat patients with such cancers. The ...

Professor Malcolm Taylor

Professor Malcolm Taylor

Professor of Cancer Genetics

Malcolm Taylor is Professor of Cancer Genetics and currently Deputy Head of The School of Cancer Sciences. Malcolm has published over 120 Research papers and received consistent major support from Cancer Research UK as well as the Leukaemia Research Fund.

He also has a close relationship with the charity, the Ataxia -Telangiectasia Society and his laboratory is NCG ...

Dr Daniel Tennant

Lecturer in Cancer Biochemistry

Dan Tennant is a Lecturer in the School of Cancer Sciences.

He has recently moved to Cancer Sciences to set up his group to study hypoxia and cancer metabolism. Dan has already attracted funding from the Royal Society to support his work. He has published reviews in top journals, such as Cell and Nature Reviews Cancer, as has been invited to speak at International ...

Dr Chris Tselepis

Senior Lecturer
Programme Director, BMedSci

Chris Tselepis is a Senior Lecturer in the School for Cancer Sciences. Chris has published in excess of 40 research articles in the field of cancer, most recently focussing on the subject of iron metabolism, obesity and gastrointestinal cancer. He has received major support from the Cancer Research UK, BBSRC, WCRF, CORE and the UHB Charities.

Chris has most recently won ...

Dr Andy Turnell

Dr Andy Turnell

Senior Lecturer

Andy Turnell is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Cancer Sciences.  He is interested in how viruses regulate host cell transcription programmes and cell cycle checkpoints in order to promote viral replication and cellular transformation. He is particularly interested in how adenovirus oncoproteins modulate the function of host cell proteins to regulate chromatin, the ...

Professor Bryan Turner

Professor Bryan Turner

Professor Of Experimental Genetics

Bryan Turner is Professor of Experimental Genetics and Head of the Chromatin and Gene Expression Group in the Institute for Biomedical Research.

He has published over 140 research papers in peer-reviewed biomedical science journals, as well as reviews and book chapters. He is a leading figure in the rapidly developing field of epigenetics.  He has ...