Research Opportunities

Research Opportunities Research Opportunities

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Cancer Immunology

 Dr Heather Long
Dr Chris Tselepis
Prof Ben Willcox
 Dr Steve Lee
 Dr Graham Taylor
 Dr Gavin Bendle
Viral Oncology
 Dr Claire Shannon-Lowe
Dr Andrew Hislop

 Dr Jo Parish

 Dr Sally Roberts
 Prof Martin Rowe
Translational Genetics
 Dr Grant Stewart
Prof Connie Bonifer
Dr Andrew Turnell
Dr Roger Grand
Dr Matt Coleman
Dr Aga Gambus
 Dr Jo Morris
 Prof Connie Bonifer
 Prof Pam Kearns
 Dr Dan Tennant
Surgical Oncology


 Dr Chris Tselepis
Dr R Bryan
Dr O Tucker
Cancers of Unmet Need  TBA
Structural Biology and Biomarkers  Dr Ulrich Gunther
Prof Michael Overduin
Dr Andrew Peet

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