Undergraduate study

The School of Cancer Sciences contributes taught modules to all three years of the Biomedical Science BSc as well as laboratory projects for the final year.

The intercalated Clinical Science BMedSc - Intercalated Degree is open to medical students after their third or fourth year of studies. The course provides teaching in six disciplines of clinical sciences including Cancer, and gives students the opportunity to work on an 8-month laboratory-based research project.

Medicine and Surgery MBChB undergraduates undertake both basic science and clinically related cancer courses as part of their medical degree. 


Further information on all of these degrees is provided in the Undergraduate Prospectus entries listed below:


Programmes available

Biomedical Science BSc

  • Undergraduate
  • Single honours
  • 3 years

BSc Biomedical Science, the new name for our highly successful BMedSc Medical Science course, explores the science of the human body and the causes of diseases that affect humans. Our programme explores the major body systems right down to the cellular and [more...]

Clinical Science BMedSc - Intercalated Degree

  • Undergraduate
  • Single honours
  • 1 year

The intercalated Bachelor of Medical Science degrees are an opportunity for students of medicine to take one year out to study an aspect of medicine in much greater depth. Note this course is only for those students studying Medicine.

The Clinical [more...]

Medicine and Surgery MBChB

  • Undergraduate
  • Single honours
  • 5 years

Studying Medicine and Surgery at Birmingham is a first-class opportunity to develop the skills you need to become a medical practitioner. In 2014, the results of the National Student Survey (NSS) showed that 92% of our students were satisfied with the overall [more...]

Medicine and Surgery MBChB Graduate Entry Course

  • Undergraduate
  • Single honours
  • 4 years

In addition to our five-year Medicine and Surgery MBChB programme, we have the four-year MBChB for graduates with a first degree in a life science.

We will consider only those applicants for this programme who are classified as home/EU.

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