Postgraduate research programmes

ResearchThe School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine aims to recruit the best postgraduate research students and train them to the highest possible standards under the auspices of the Graduate School of the College

The School is a major stakeholder in the Graduate School and provides excellent supervision and research facilities. The School has over 100 postgraduate students currently registered.

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Programmes available in the School

Biomedical Research: Integrative and Translational MRes

This programme will equip you with the necessary ethos, critical evaluative skills and technical competence to pursue a research career in the in vivo sciences. Such an approach is essential to understand the complex interactions among body systems, [more...]

Pharmacy PhD/MSc by Research

Pharmacy provides a broad range of subjects; these include clinically-orientated practice research such as medicines adherence, drug safety, palliative and end of life care, paediatric medicines use, rational antibiotic use, safe prescribing and pharmacy/inter-professional [more...]

Anaesthetics and Intensive Care PhD/MSc by Research

We collaborate closely in vocational postgraduate education with the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Committees for Higher Professional Training in both Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. We have office and clinical accommodation in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, [more...]

Cardiovascular Medicine PhD/MD/MSc by Research

Cardiovascular Sciences is an area of strength within the College of Medical and Dental Sciences, ranging from platelet function to heart failure management in the community.

Clinical and Molecular Genetics PhD/MD/MSc by Research

The sequencing of the human genome and advances in high-throughput genetic technologies have provided unrivalled opportunities for research in human genetics. The Medical and Molecular Genetics group offers a thriving research environment for genetics research, with expertise in [more...]

Medicine PhD/MD/MSc by Research

Our current research covers a wide portfolio of basic, translational and clinical research focusing on: adrenal and gonadal steroids; thyroid cancer; thyroid dysfunction; fetal and reproductive endocrinology; pituitary disease; and auto-immunity.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology PhD/MD/MSc by Research

The Department has a comprehensive research, teaching and clinical portfolio. The academic staff have an excellent balance of expertise in basic and clinical research with sub-specialist interests

Paediatrics and Child Health PhD/MD/MSc by Research

Our current research covers a wide portfolio of basic, translational and clinical research focusing on endocrinology, and neonatal medicine, with all the major paediatric subspecialties active in research (for example nephrology, neurology, gastroenterology and dietetics). [more...]

Pharmacology PhD/MSc by Research

Our research specialisms are in modern cellular and molecular techniques, with an emphasis on neuropharmacology. Research areas include radioligand binding and autoradiography; in situ hybridisation; immunocytochemistry; microdialysis; cell culture; neurotransmitter, enzyme, [more...]

Physiology PhD/MSc by Research

Physiology offers research topics supervised by internationally recognised experts in the cardiovascular, neurological, neuromuscular, endocrine and renal areas using whole animal, organ, cell and molecular techniques.

Opportunities for Postgraduate Research Training for MPhil/ PhD

Funding in the form of Research Studentships is likely to be available for each academic year. These are always oversubscribed, and are allocated in a competitive manner. The next competition for postgraduate studentships will be announced shortly. Follow the link for up-to-date details of studentship vacancies. Additionally, many students study through award of external funds from Research Councils and Charities.

Applications for studentships can also be made through the Postgraduate Student web site.