Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

Clinical and Experimental Medicine EDM section

Lead: Professor Wiebke Arlt
Email: w.arlt@bham.ac.uk

Current initiatives are funded by major awards from MRC, the Wellcome Trust and the European Commission to study:

  • steroid hormone synthesis, metabolism and action
  • metabolism and action including the elucidation of adrenal and gonadal function and its disorders
  • genetics of endocrine autoimmune diseases (in partnership with the Wellcome Trust Case Control Consortium)

A range of programme level research is also being undertaken in the following areas:

  • Diabetes, obesity and metabolism
  • Fetal and reproductive endocrinology
  • Thyroid tumourigenesis
  • Molecular investigations of endocrine and hormone-dependent cancer predisposition and pathology.

Major themes of research include: