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Professor Fang Gao

Professor Fang Gao

Professor in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain

Medical Science and Education

Fang is Professor of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain, Consultant Anaesthetist and Intensivist.

Fang graduated from Beijing University in China with a degree in Medicine and Surgery. She completed a PhD on pathophysiology of ARDS, Department of Anaesthesiology, the 1st University Hospital, Beijing University, then started post-doctoral training in the UK in 1989. ...

Telephone +44 (0)121 3713243

Email f.g.smith@bham.ac.uk

Dr Ana Maria Gonzalez

Dr Ana Maria Gonzalez

Senior Lecturer in Neurosciences


Telephone +44 (0) 121 414 8857

Email a.m.gonzalez.1@bham.ac.uk

Dr Clara Green

Dr Clara Green

Clinical Research Fellow

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences

Clara Green is a Specialist Registrar in the West Midlands Deanery who is currently out of programme working as a clinical fellow as part of the Stockley group at the University of Birmingham. She is currently supervised by Dr Alice Turner (CEM) and Professor Roy Bicknell (I&I).

Clara has over 10 publications including 5 original papers and 2 review articles in ...

Professor Janesh Gupta

Professor Janesh Gupta

Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Reproduction, Genes and Development

Janesh Gupta is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology working as an Honorary Consultant at Birmingham Women’s Hospital. 

Janesh has published over 100 research papers in scientific journals as well as reviews and book chapters in the fields of fetal medicine, benign gynaecology (including abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids, endometriosis, endometrial ...

Telephone +44 (0)121 607 4751

Email j.k.gupta@bham.ac.uk