Dr Brenda Finney

Research Fellow

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences


Contact details

School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Brenda Finney is a postdoctoral research fellow working in Professor Steve Watson’s Birmingham Platelet Group. Her current project is understanding the role of platelets in the development of the embryo, specifically with regards the lymphatic system and the lung. She is also working with the in vivo thrombosis models used in the group. Brenda got her PhD from Cardiff University in 2009 where she researched the developmental role of Calcium and the calcium-sensing receptor in the lung. 

Other activities

  • School Speaker for Understanding Animal Research
  • STEM Ambassabor


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(Featured in Perspectives article: Wilson, S.M The extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptor branches out – a new role in lung morphogenesis Journal of Physiology 586:5847-5848, 2008)

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* These authors have contributed equally to this wor

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