Dr Marie Lordkipanidze BPharm, PhD

Research Fellow

Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences


Contact details

School of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
College of Medical and Dental Sciences
Institute of Biomedical Research
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT


Dr Lordkipanidzé’s major research interest is to bring platelet function testing and molecular biology to clinical settings with the aim of individualizing antiplatelet treatment to specific patient needs.


  • Member of the Working Group on Thrombosis of the European Society of Cardiology (2011)
  • PhD (Université de Montréal, 2010)
  • Complementary diploma (Université de Montréal, 2010)
  • MSc (Université de Montréal, 2006)
  • Certificate of Qualification (The Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada, 2004)
  • BPharm (Université de Montréal, 2004)


Harrison P, Lordkipanidzé M. Clinical tests of platelet function. In : Michelson AD ed. Platelets. 3rd ed. Amsterdam ; Boston : Academic Press/Elsevier [in process]

Lordkipanidzé M, Diodati JG, Palisaitis DA, Schampaert E, Turgeon J, Pharand C. Genetic determinants of response to aspirin: appraisal of 4 candidate genes. (2011) Thromb Res,128:47-53

Lordkipanidzé M. Why an aspirin a day no longer keeps the doctor away. (2011) Thromb Haemost, 105: 209-10 

Lordkipanidzé M, Pharand C, Schampaert E, Palisaitis DA, Diodati JG. Heterogeneity in platelet cyclooxygenase inhibition by aspirin in coronary artery disease. (2010) Int J Cardiol, doi:10.1016/j.ijcard.2010.02.025

Lordkipanidzé M, Diodati JG, Turgeon J, Schampaert E, Palisaitis DA, Pharand C. Platelet count, not oxidative stress, may contribute to inadequate platelet inhibition by aspirin. (2010) Int J Cardiol, 143: 43-50

Lordkipanidzé M, Diodati JG, Pharand C. Possibility of a rebound phenomenon following antiplatelet therapy withdrawal: A look at the clinical and pharmacological evidence. (2009) Pharmacol Ther, 123: 178-86

Lordkipanidzé M, Pharand C, Nguyen TA, Schampaert E, Palisaitis DA, Diodati JG. Comparison of four tests to assess inhibition of platelet function by clopidogrel in stable coronary artery disease patients. (2008) Eur Heart J, 29: 2877-85

Lordkipanidzé M, Pharand C, Schampaert E, Turgeon J, Palisaitis DA, Diodati JG. A comparison of six major platelet function tests to determine the prevalence of aspirin resistance in patients with stable coronary artery disease. (2007) Eur Heart J, 28:1702-8 

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