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Welcome to your Chemical Engineering Community: a network for alumni, students, faculty and friends from the School of Chemical Engineering and part of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Community.

Whether a student, recent graduate or seasoned alumnus, let us know where you are and what you are doing.



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Community news

Dr Alex Robinson Introduces Irresistible Materials

Irresistible Materialsis a spinout company from the University of Birmingham that began operations in 2010 and aims to commercialise novel fullerene materials for applications in the semiconductor industry. It was formed by the entrepreneur and alumnus David Ure together with the three academic founders: Dr Alex Robinson, Professor Jon Preece, and Professor Richard Palmer. Dr.Robinson explains the team's research and the journey from idea to business.

The hydrophobic egg found on many coastal cliff faces

The guillemot bird and their remarkable eggs have been making the headlines lately. Former Birmingham bio-scientist Dr Steve Portugal and current Chemical Engineer Dr James Bowen reveal insights into the discovery and their impressions about these beguiling birds.

New Chemical Engineering faculty members in 2013

A round-up of new Chemical Engineering faculty in 2013.
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There are many ways you can get involved in the School, your relationship with us doesn't end with graduation.

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Alumni profiles

  • Stephen Watson
    Principal, Arthur D. Little, BEng Chemical Engineering (1991)
  • James Vincent
    Cementing Technical Specialist, MEng Chemical Engineering, 2008
  • Peter Fergusson
    Senior Carbon Consultant, Bssec ltd, Ph.D. Biotechnology (1973)
  • Geoffrey Hamer
    Hon. Secretary, Biofocus Foundation, Ph.D. Biochemical Engeneerig (1962), B.Sc. Chemical Engeneering (1959)
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