Several people and organisations have given assistance and expertise which in turn has enabled us to build the weblab experiment and this website with which to use it. Their names and descriptions of how they helped us are provided below. We are very thankful for their assistance.

Dr. Bahari

Dr. Bahari obtained his PhD from the University of Birmingham School of Chemical Engineering in the early 1950s following research on the separation of liquids with high feed concentrations, e.g. Rose essence. It was his dontation through the alumni fund which allowed us to develop this project.

School of Physics and Astronomy

The waterwheel apparatus was built by the staff of the workshop of the School of Physics and Astronomy. We are particularly grateful to Steve Brookes who produced the final design and contributed several beneficial ideas to the wheel's design and construction.

National Instruments

NI LogoThe data acquisition and control hardware was provided by National Instruments. They also provided the LabView software required to program the hardware. This LabView software encompasses a significant proportion of the experiment's interface.


mathworksThe simulations hosted on this website were programmed in Matlab which is a numerical computing environment developed by MathWorks.