We plan on including a variety of tutorials that will cover both a guide to operating the rig and analysing any results obtained. Tutorial questions will be provided aimed at a wide range of levels so that the they can be utilised at a variety of Key Stages (for pre-university level education) and in a range of undergraduate modules, where increasing complexity can be applied as the UG course progresses.

University level

There will be tutorials here ranging from basic modelling of chaotic systems to detailed analysis and how this can be used to control chaotic systems.

College level

There will be tutorials here looking at how we use the data to analyse the physical system and potentially some formal introductions to some new concepts, e.g. nonlinear dynamics, process control, dimensional analysis, etc.

School level

Here there will be some material looking at some basic mechanics and also how we go about monitoring and controlling physical systems in reality although the experiment itself should ultimately get the idea of remotely controlling systems across. This material will also be more broadly scoped towards all STEM subjects than in the tutorials for the other sections, which will be more focused towrads engineering. Thus, there will also be tutorials about the related physics, computing and applied maths.