Useful Links

Below are links to some papers, wesites and other media that we think will be very useful in terms or getting a grasp of the background theory regarding this project.

Papers, analyses and book chapters

Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow - Dr. Edward Lorenz' seminal 1963 paper.

Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos, Strogatz.S. H., Addison-Wesley, Massachussetts (1994)

The Malkus-Lorenz water wheel revisited - Leslie. E. Matson, University of Oregon

Modelling the Chaotic Waterwheel - Matt Gerholdt, University of Colorado

Professional bodies

Institute of Chemical Engineers

Institute of Mathematics and its Applications

Institute of Physics

Youtube videos

Several videos and animations of chaotic systems can be found on the internet and youtube is as good a source of chaos-based diversions as any.

The Lorenz waterwheel exhibits chaotic behaviour. The rotations are complete aperiodic and tiny differences in the original state will cause completely different long-term results.

The 'restricted' three-body gravitation problem is well known as a chaotic system. In this example, the blue and pink planets have stable orbits and the gravitational attraction only works one way - on the yellow planet (hence 'restricted').