Weblab Booking System

The weblab is currently NOT OPERATIONAL. Please be aware that as we get closer to being able to put the weblab experiment online, content on this page may change. 

From this page, users who have registered their details with us and who have been provided with a institution ID will be able to book a timeslot on the weblab experiment.

Booking procedure

The procedure for booking time on the experiment is likely to take the form of an interactive calendar. 55 minute timeslots will be available for booking to ensure a 5 minute buffer between users. Prospective users will potentially be allowed to book more than 1 slot and where 2 or more slots are booked consecutively, the 5 minute buffer will only be activated at the end of their timeslot, i.e. if 3 slots are booked consecutively, the slot will be for 2 hrs 55 mins.

Slots will be displayed as 'unavailable' at the following times:

  • when we take the experiment offline in order to perform scheduled maintenance.
  • when we take the experiment offlline in order to conduct any repairs (if this affects a prospective user's session, they will be notified automatically by the computer system).
  • when slots have been block-booked as part of the University of Birmingham's UG programme.
  • when other users have booked the experimental apparatus.
  • when required by the university, for example during University closed periods when the experiment may be required to be offline due to the lack of staff available to 'supervise' the apparatus.

Upon accessing the calendar, prospective users will be able to select an 'available' timeslot and after entering their institution ID, the slot will appear as 'unavailable' and they will be issued with a password with which they will be able to access the experimental apparatus (during their timeslot) and/or a more interactive version of the simulations (where parameters can be altered).