Institution Registration

The weblab is currently NOT OPERATIONAL and we are currently not accepting registration requests. Please be aware that as we get closer to being able to put the weblab experiment online, content on this page may change.

In order to use the weblab apparatus or simulations, you will need to register your institution. Registering will ensure both that you can book time on the experiment and access all interactive tools, and that we can keep track of who has shown an interest in using our equipment. In addition, registration allows us to match session data with your institution so that we can better help you if you require technical support or assistance with the interpretation of your data.


In order to register your institution for the weblab experiment, please fill in the form below. Once accepted, you will receive login credentials via email to the address provided.

  • Contact Name
  • Institution Address

 We take the matter of your privacy very seriously and will never share your contact details with any third party.