Chemical engineering weblab 

Please be aware that this page and all others associated with it are subject to change as we install the weblab apparatus and its related software. The Weblab experiment is currently NOT OPERATIONAL.

Welcome to the University of Birmingham School of Chemical Engineering's Web-based Laboratory (Weblab).

The Weblab experiment is a waterwheel that has the ability to show a variety of different types of motion - the most interesting of which is chaotic motion. The apparatus is controlled entirely via interface from this website, the upshot of which being that as well as gaining some knowledge of the mathematics and physics of chaotic systems, it is possible to gain some feeling for the way in which modern chemical processes are monitored and manipulated - remotely from a control room.

The links on the left-hand side of this page will provide you with information about chaos, examples of chaotic systems, introductions to the underlying mathematics and physics of chaotic motion and descriptions of the experimental apparatus as well as information about the School of Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. 

First steps

We have provided some background information about the subject of chaos theory and we recommend that you look at this before attempting to use the Weblab apparatus. Our Introduction to Chaos page is where we recommend that you start.

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