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Welcome to your Chemistry Community: a network for alumni, students, faculty and friends from the School of Chemistry and part of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Community.

Whether a student, recent graduate or seasoned alumnus, let us know where you are and what you are doing.



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Community news

Class of 2013 Chemistry Graduates

Congratulations to the University of Birmingham Chemistry Graduates of 2013

Illuminating the night with sunlight

Birmingham Fellow Dr Etienne Baranoff sheds light on his ground-breaking work into luminescence. From the everyday organic-LEDs that enable you to read these very words on the screen, to the cutting-edge Light-emitting Electrochemical Cells that may soon be illuminating our homes and towns, this is a fascinating insight into the history and future of light—and it may just give you a newfound respect for the humble bulb.

Electrochemistry right at your fingertips

Birmingham Fellow Paramaconi Rodriguez is a leading mind in the field of electrochemistry and alternative 'green' energy sources. His research is helping to produce the next generation of Lithium-air batteries and low temperature Fuel cells, which will be both cheaper and longer lasting, and will eventually be used to power your phones, TVs, and cars.
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There are many ways you can get involved in the School, your relationship with us doesn't end with graduation.

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Alumni profiles

  • Stuart James Cantrill
    Chief Editor, Nature Chemistry at Nature Publishing Group, BSc in Chemistry and Bioorganic Chemistry, 1996, MPhil in Chemistry, 1997
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