News archive - Selected items June 2010- February 2011

Posted on Tuesday 1st March 2011
  • February 2011: A joint paper from chemists at East China University of Science and Technology and the University of Birmingham in Catalysis Science and Technology has been selected as a HOT article. See article.
  • February 2011: Final year Undergraduate project work of Kabir Ahmed contributed to a co-authored paper being published in a Royal Society of Chemistry journal Chemical Communications. This paper has just been highlighted by the American Chemical Society as Noteworthy Chemistry.
  • January 2011: A team of scientists from the UK and Japan including Dr John Fossey from the School of Chemistry University of Birmingham, have their feature article hitting the top ten most accessed list for December 2010 in the RSC journal Chemical Communications.
  • December 2010: Tom Baker (PD), Jonelle Harvey (RPT) and Antoine Vallatos (MMB) won the 3 prizes in the Chemistry Art and Science Competition. The pictures and details are here.
  • December 2010: Dr John Fossey and Professor Jon Preece visit East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) to mark the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Birmingham and ECUST. This chemistry led, university wide initiative will help facilitate exchanges between the two universities. A photograph can be seen here.
  • September 2010: Tom Carey (PAA/JAH) won a prize for the best poster in the "Study of Chemical Processes" workshop of the 2010 UK Synchrotron User Meeting at Diamond,
  • August 2010: Natalia Calle Alonso (Hannon group) won first prize in the inaugural UB "New Media and Public Engagement Doctoral Research Film of the Year Award 2010". The short film, about research in the group, can be see Here.
  • July 2010: Dr Bhaven Patel (RSG group) won one of two poster prizes at the 24th International Symposium on the Organic Chemistry of Sulfur, Florence, Italy.
  • July 2010: Jon Smale (GAW) won a prize for his talk at the RSC Theoretical Chemistry Group Graduate Day, Nottingham.
  • Jun 2010: Jan Novak (MMB) won first prize for his oral presentation at the RSC NMR interest group graduate meeting, held in Leeds.
  • Jun 2010: Jan Novak (MMB group) is awarded a PhD plus Fellowship to continue his research using MRI to follow chemical waves.
  • Jun 2010: Andy Logsdail (RLJ group) won the first prize, sponsored by IBM, for the oral presentation at the 1st BEAR Postgraduate Conference. The meeting showcased research using the University's BlueBEAR computer facility with 16 talks from across the University. Details of the meeting.