School of Chemistry Events


March 2015

Tue 3 March MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Edward Tate, Imperial College, London (Ha 101) "Targeting Protein Modification in Malaria, Cancer and the Common Cold"
Host: Dr L. Cox

Tue 10 March PTC Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Yaroslav Khimyak, University of East Anglia (McE G34)"Understanding Self-Assembly in Complex Systems: from Porous Solids to Pharmaceuticals
Host: Dr M. Britton

Tue 17 March SSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Emma McCabe, Kent University (McE G34)  "Structure-Composition-Property Relationships in Transition Metal Oxyselenides" 
Host: Prof. C. Greaves

Tue 17 March The Big Speaker Seminar
15.00 - Prof Andrea Sella, University College London (McE G34) "Strange Ice"
Host: Dr M. Britton

May 2015

Tue 24 May MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Stephen Thomas, Edinburgh University (Ha 203) 
Host: Dr P. Davies

Past Events 2014/15

August 2014

Thur 14 August Advanced Materials Seminar
14:00 - Prof. Vinny Manoharan, Harvard University (Ha203) "Unconventional crystals"
Host: Dr D. Chakrabarti

September 2014

Tue 16 September MSC/BSN Seminar
14.00 - Dr Javier Montenegro, Santiago de Compostela (Ha203) "Supramolecular Chemistry for Transport Pattern-based sensors and 1D controlled assembly"
Host: Dr F. Fernandez-Trillo

October 2014

Tue 14 October MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr AnnMarie O’Donoghue, Durham University (Ha 101) "Triazolium Salts as Organic Catalysts: Unusual Ortho-Substituent Effects"
Host: Prof. N. Simpkins

Tue 21 October PTC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr David Fermin, Bristol University (McE G33) "Dynamic photoelectrochemical responses of conventional and unconventional metal oxides"
Host: Dr P. Rodriguez

Tue 28 October SSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Ivana Evans, Durham University (McE G33) "Functional materials: Twists and Hops in the Solid State"
Host: Prof. P. Slater

November 2014

Tue 18 November  School Seminar 
14.00 - Birmingham Postdoctoral Researchers (McE G33)
Josh Bray (Britton Group) "MRI for chemistry and transport: drug delivery, carbon sequestration, and electrochemical cells"
Ilker Demiroglu (Johnston Group) "Effect of Polymorphism and Dimensionality on the properties of ZnO"
Tzu-Yu (Evin) Chen (Hriljac Group) "Novel Ion Exchange Materials for Nuclear Waste Treatment"
Ben de Laune (Greaves Group) "Schafarzikite: past, present and future"
Host: Prof. G Worth

Tue 18 November BSN Reseach Seminar
14.00 - Prof. J. A. Gareth Williams, Durham University (McE G33) "Designing brightly luminescent metal complexes: from organic LEDs to the inside of the living cell"
Host: Prof. Z. Pikramenou and Dr E. Baranoff

Tue 25 November PTC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Rob Evans, Aston University (Ha 101) "Diffusion NMR studies of polymers, nanoparticles and other materials" 
Host: Dr M. Britton

December 2014

Tue 2 December School Seminar
14.00 - Prof. John Irvine, St Andrews University (McE G33) "Chemistry at the Edge: Perovskite Exsolutions"
Host: Prof. P. Slater

January 2015

Tue 13 January School Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Emma Raven, Leicester University (McE G34)  "The role of heme iron in biology"
Host: Prof. M. Hannon and Dr A. Peacock

Wed 14 January PTC Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Bill Poirier, Texas Technology University (Arts LR5)  "Quantum Mechanics Without Wavefunctions"
Host: Prof. G. Worth

Tue 27 January MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Carmen Galen, Bristol University (Ha 101) "Novel Synthetic Tools for Glycoscience"
Host: Dr J. Fossey

February 2015

Tue 10 February SSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Allan Walton, Metallurgy and Materials, Birmingham University (Ha 101)
Host: Dr P. Anderson

Tue 17 February RSC Prize and School Seminar - postponed
14.00 - Prof. David A. Leigh , University of Manchester (Ha 101) "Making the Tiniest Machines
Host: Dr A. Peacock and Dr E. Baranoff

Tue 24 February BSN Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Charlotte Willans, Leeds University (McE G33) "N-heterocyclic carbenes; synthesis, activity and reactivity"
Host: Dr A. Peacock

Events January 2013 - July 2014.

January 2013

Thurs 17 January ChemSoc Talk
13:00 - Dr Audrey Matthews, De Montfort University (Ha101)  "The Science of Chocolate"

Tue 22 January  PSIBS Seminar
12:00 - Dr Joanna Collingwood, Warwick University (LC UG07)"Chasing Metals in the Degenerating Brain: Recent observations with Synchrotrons, SQuIDS and MRI"

Tue 22 January  Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Tom Sheppard, UCL (LC-UG07) "Water Driven Synthesis: Formation and Activation of Carbon-Oxygen Bonds"

Tue 29 January  PSIBS Seminar
12:00 - Dr Stephen Matcher, University of Sheffield (LC UG07)
Host: Prof M. Hannon

Thur 31 January  PhD/PDRA Seminar
16:00 - Dr Jean-Louis Duprey, University of Birmingham (Ha203)  "Metal Mediated Base Pairs for DNA Secondary Structure"

February 2013

Mon 11 February Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Chris-Kriton Skylaris, University of Southampton (McE G31) "Density Functional Theory Calculations with Thousands of Atoms"
Host: Prof R. Johnston

Tue 19 February School Seminar- RSC Gibson-Fawcett Award
14:00 - Dr Andrew Fogg, University of Liverpool (McE G36) "Application of In Situ Diffraction Studies in Materials Discovery"
Host: Dr P. Slater

Mon 25 February School Seminar
12:00 Prof Alice Roberts, University of Birmingham (Ha101) "Reflections on Public Engagement with Science"
Host: Dr J. Tucker

Tue 26 February Research Seminar
12:00 Dr Brian O-Regan, Imperial College, London (AWEB-Senate Chamber) "Measurement of Electron Transfer Into, Out of, and Through TiO2 Nanostructured Films, Relevance to Dye Sensitized Solar Cells and Related Technologies"
Host: Dr E. Baranoff

March 2013

Mon 4 March PhD/PDRASeminar(Ha203)
17:00 - Mr Rory Steven, "Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionisation Mass Spectrometry of Biological Samples"
and Mr Antoine Vallatos, "Manipulating Spins, an Introduction to Magnetic Resonance techniques"

Tue 5 March Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Andre Cobb, University of Reading (Bio E102) "The Synthesis of Unnatural Biomolecules"
Host:Dr. P. Davies

Wed 6 March EPS College Seminar
17:00 - Dr Yan Wong, University of Leeds (Ha 101) "Telling Science Fact from Fiction: Genetically Engineering the Physical World"
Host: Ms Carlotta Figliola

Tue 12 March Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr David Carbery, University of Bath (Bio E102) "The Application of Organocatalysis to Redox and Asymmetric Contexts"
Host: Dr P. Davies

Tue 19 March Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Craig Butts, University of Bristol (AWEB-WG12) "NMR Without Shifts or Coupling Constants - Chemical Structures at the Push of a Button"
Host: Dr M. Britton

April 2013 

Mon 15 April PhD/PDRA Seminar(Ha203)
16:00 - Ms Rian Griffiths, "MALDI-MS Analysis of Lipids"
and Dr Aimee Gamie "DNA Binding Ferrocene GCN4 Dimers for Electrochemical Sensing"

May 2013

Tue 7 May Research Seminar 
14:00 - Prof.  David Smith, University of York (McE-G29) "SAM-Dendrimers - A Self-Assembled Multivalent Approach to Nanomedicine"
Host: Dr J. Fossey

Tue 7 May Inaugural Lecture 
17.15 - Prof. Peter Slater, School of Chemistry, University of Birmingham (McE-G33) "Perfecting Imperfection: The Role of Defects in Functional Energy Materials"

Tue 21 May School Seminar  - RSC Chemistry of Transition Metals Award
14:00 - Prof. Chris Chang, UC Berkley (Ha101) "Molecular Imaging Approaches to Mapping and Studying Inorganic Chemistry in the Brain"
Host: Prof M. Hannon

Tue 29 May Research Seminar
10:30 - Prof. Bruno Therrien, University of Neuchatel (Ha203) "Water Soluable Organometallic Cages for Drug Delivery"
Host: Dr E. Baranoff

June 2013

Tue 4 June Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Nick Fletcher, Queens University Belfast (McE-B07) "Structural Considerations in Designing Molecular Probes"
Host: Dr Z. Pikramenou

27-28 June Postgraduate Symposium
lectures (Ha101)
posters (Haworth Reading Room)

July 2013

Tue 2 July Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Andy Wilson, University of Leeds (Ha203) "Adventures in Non-Covalent Chemistry: From Self-Assembly to Protein Surface Recognition"
Host: Prof. J. Tucker

Fri 26 July Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Sandeep Ghosal, Northwestern University, (Ha209a) "Through the eye of a needle: how polymers go through nanopores"
Host: Dr Dwaipayan Chakrabarti

September 2013

Wed 18 September MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Dattatraya H. Dethe,IIT Kanpur, India (Ha 203) "
New tools and strategies for synthesis of indane natural products"
14.30 - Dr S. Arulananda Babu, IISER Mohali, India (Ha 203) "Construction of carbocyclic rings having contiguous stereocentres"
Host: Dr R. Grainger

Tue 24 September Industry Seminar
14.15 - Dr Foti Panagakos, Colgate-Palmolive Co. (Ha 203) "Oral Care Research in an Industry Setting: From Concept to Product"
Host: Prof Z. Pikramenou

October 2013

Tue 1 October School Seminar
14:00 - Prof. Simon Parsons, University of Edinburgh (Law LT3) "Molecular Solids at Extreme Conditions"
Host: Dr J. Hriljac

Tue 8 October BSN Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Anne Duhme-Klair, University of York (McE G36) "Siderophores, metallodrugs and metal-based luminescent sensors"
Host: Dr A. Peacock

Wed 9 October Athena-Swan Seminar
13:00 - Prof. Dame Athene Donald, University of Cambridge (Bio 301) "Facilitating Women's Progression to the Top"
Host: Dr J. Coates and Dr U. Martin

Thur 10 October MSC Research Seminar
14:00 - Prof. Mike Organ, University of Toronto (ChE G35) "Catalysts: Making them do what you want them to doand how you do that"
Host: Dr P. Davies

Tue 15 October MSC Research Seminar
14:00 Dr Stephen Fletcher, University of Oxford (Law LT3)
"Mostly asymmetric additions with alkyl zirconium regents"
Host: Dr J. Fossey

Tue 29 October PTCResearch Seminar
14:00 Dr Andrew Ellis, University of Leicester (McE G28)
"Helium nanodroplets: an exotic medium for exotic chemistry"
Host: Prof. R. Tuckett

November 2013

Tue 5 November SchoolSeminar
14:00 - Prof. Mathias Brust, University of Liverpool (Bio 301)
"Questions and tentative answers regarding the penetration of biomembranes by nanoparticles"
Host: Prof. Z. Pikramenou

Fri 8 November Medicinal Seminar
14:00 - Prof. John Chaput, Arizona State University (Haw 203) "On the origins of biomolecular function"
Host: Dr Y. Mehellou

Tue 19 November SSCResearch Seminar
14:00 - Dr Magdalena Titirici, Queen Mary (London) (McE G26) "Biomass-derived Waterborne Carbons for Renewable Energy Applications and Sustainable Catalysis"
Host: Dr. Z. Schnepp

Tue 26 November MSC ResearchSeminar
14:00 - Prof. Mike Greaney, University of Manchester (McE G33) "New C-H activation chemistry for heterocycle synthesis"
Host: Dr R. Grainger

December 2013

Tue 10 December BSN ResearchSeminar
14:00 - Dr Phil Holliger, University of Cambridge (Bio E102) "Synthetic Genetics"
Host: Prof. J. Tucker

Mon 16 December Postgraduate Symposium on Nanotechnology
10:00 - Lectures (Haworth Building)
Host: Dr Zoe Schnepp

January 2014

Tue 14 January School Seminar
14:00 - Prof. Kevin Booker-Milburn, University of Bristol (McE G33) "The Development of Photochemical Techniques for Complex Molecule Synthesis"
Host: Dr J. Fossey

Tue 21 January PTC Research Seminar
14:00 - Dr Mike Ries, University of Leeds (Haw 203) "Transforming Cellulose Processing"

Host: Dr M. Britton

Tue 28 January SSC Research Seminar- CANCELLED
14:00 - Dr Ivana Evans, University of Durham (Haw 203)
Host: Prof P. Slater

February 2014

Tue 4 February School Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Marc Koper, University of Leiden (McE G33) "Electrocatalysis, from single crystals to single nanoparticles"
Host: Dr S. Horswell

18 February MSC Research Seminar
14.00 Dr Andrew Smith University of St Andrews (Haw 203)

Host Dr R. Grainger

25 February BSN Research Seminar
14.00 Prof.Mike George, University of Nottingham (McE G33)
Host Prof. Z. Pikramenou

March 2014

Tue 4 March School Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Clare Grey, University of Cambridge (McE G33) "Following function in real time: new NMR, MRI and diffraction methods to study function in lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors"

Organiser: Prof. P. Slater

Tue 11 March School Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Pratiba Gai, University of York (Haw 101) "Seeing the Invisible: Watching the Secret Life of Atoms at Work in Chemical Reactions"
Host: Prof. R. Johnston

Tue 18 March SSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Asel Sartbaeva, University of Bath (Bio 301) "Flexible frameworks: novel geometries in zeolites and encapsulated nanomaterials"

Host: Dr J. Hriljac

Tue 25 March Education Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Matthew Almond, University of Reading (Bio 301) "Integrating Skills Training into the Chemistry Curriculum"
Host: Dr N. Rowley

April 2014

Tue 14 April RSC Bioinorganic Award BSN Seminar
14.00 - Prof. O'Halloran, Northwestern University (Haw 101) "Inorganic Chemistry of Cellular Decision Making Processes: Structure and Dynamics of Transition Metal Receptors"
Host: Prof. M. Hannon

Tue 29 April
MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Matthew Gaunt, University of Cambridge
Organiser: Dr P. Davies


May 2014

Tue 6 May School Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Martin Schroeder, University of Nottingham (Bio 102) "Gas Storage and Selectivity in Metal Organic Framework Materials"
Host: Prof. P. Hannon

Tue 13 May SSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Andrew Goodwin, University of Oxford (Haw 203) "Order, Disorder, Flexibility, Function"
Host: Dr J. Hriljac

Wed 14 May Advanced Materials Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Andrew Cooper, University of Liverpool (Haw 203) "Functional Organic Solids - Design or Discovery?"
Host: Dr D Chakrabarti

Thur 15 May MSC Research Seminar
14.00 - Prof. Joseph Sweeney, University of Huddersfield (LC UG07) "Molecules and Messages: Balancing Research and Policy?"
Host: Dr J. Fossey

Mon 19 May Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Brian Pauw, NIMS, Japan (Haw 203) "All you ever wanted to know about SAXS: What, why, how and when."
Host: Dr Z. Schnepp

Tue 20 May RSC Organometallic Award MSC Seminar
14.00 - Prof. John A. Gladysz, Texas A&M University (McE G33) “Werner Complexes: A New Class of Chiral Hydrogen Bond Donor Catalysts for Enantioselective Organic Reactions
Host: Dr L. Cox

Tue 27 May PTC Research Seminar
14.00 - Dr Adam Kirrander, University of Edinburgh (Haw 203) "Imaging Quantum Dynamics - new tools for photochemistry"
Host: Dr G. Worth

June 2014

Tue 3 JuneSchool Seminar 14.00 - Prof. Veronique Gouverneur, University of Oxford (Bio E102) "Fluorine (Radio)chemistry: From Basic to Clinic" Host: Dr L. Cox

Tue 10 JuneBSN Research Seminar 14.00 - Prof. Christin Cardin, University of Reading (McE G33) "Exciting results with DNA-ruthenium complexes"   Host: Prof. J. Tucker

Mon 30 June SchoolSeminar14.00 - Prof. Eileen Ingham, University of Leeds (ChE 124) "Research, translation and commercialisation of acellular biological scaffolds" Host: Prof. Z. Pikramenou and Prof. Jon Preece