Materials Chemistry

Applications are invited for the following PhD studentships (please follow the links for further information):

Dr Paul Anderson

  • Synthesis, properties and uses of new nanostructured materials based on zeolites and related frameworks
  • Synthesis and characterization of new materials with potential for hydrogen storage and delivery

Professor Colin Greaves

  • New functional materials based on low dimensional mineral frameworks
  • Synthesis and characterisation of new materials with potential for combined ferroelectric and magnetic behaviour

Dr Joe Hriljac

  • High pressure studies of zeolites and other nanoporous solids
  • Studies of ion-exchange materials for remediation of nuclear waste

Dr Ian Shannon

  • Design of functionalised polyoxometallates for organic-inorganic hybrid materials
  • Porous metal phosphonate materials

Dr Peter Slater

  • Synthesis and characterisation of new materials for use as electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells
  • Synthesis and characterisation of novel anion/cation excess systems as new ionic conductors/magnetic materials

Dr Maryjane Tremayne

  • Synthesis and characterisation of new co-crystals and polymorphic forms of organic materials
  • Application of evolutionary computation to the study of diffuse scattering and disordered organic materials

Dr Adrian Wright

  • Synthesis of magnetic nanocomposite structures with unusual magnetic properties
  • Developing calcium polyphosphates as bioresponsive materials