Molecular Processes and Theory

Applications are invited for the following PhD studentships (please follow the links for further information):

Dr Melanie Britton

  • Development of MRI contrast agents
  • MRI studies of chemical processes in microemulsions
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Chemistry in Flow
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Electrochemical Processes

Dr Sarah Horswell

  • Self-Organising Phospholipid Mixtures Supported on Au Surfaces
  • Structure-Property Relationships of Fuel Cell Catalysts

Professor Roy Johnston

  • Computational studies of bimetallic ("nanoalloy") clusters
  • Applications of evolutionary computation to the study of protein folding

Professor Richard Tuckett

  • The spectroscopy and kinetics of gas-phase anions
  • Synchrotron radiation vacuum-UV chemical physics using the Swiss Light Source

Dr Graham Worth

  • Developing theoretical methods to study ultrafast photochemistry
  • Quantum dynamics simulations of an enzyme-catalysed reaction