Molecular Synthesis and Chemical Biology

Applications are invited for the following PhD studentships (please follow the links for further information):

Dr Liam Cox

  • Organic Synthesis and Catalysis: New methodologies for stereoselective synthesis: application to the assembly of natural and unnatural products
  • Chemical Biology: The Role of Glycolipids in CD1d-mediated Immunity

Dr Paul Davies

  • Gold-Catalysis in Synthesis
  • New Reactions for Efficient Organic Synthesis

Dr Richard Grainger

  • Organosulfur chemistry: applications in synthetic, biological and materials chemistry
  • Total synthesis of breynolide

Professor Mike Hannon

  • New supramolecular metal-based drugs that act via Non-covalent DNA recognition
  • Cellular and nuclear targeting of metallo-drugs and metallo-imaging agents

Dr Anna Peacock

  • DNA binding with de novo designed peptides
  • Chelating peptides for Alzheimers disease

Dr Zoe Pikramenou

  • Luminescent nanoparticles for imaging applications based on lanthanide complexes
  • Formation and studies of photoactive nanowires based on cyclodextrins and transition metal complexes

Professor Jon Preece

  • Carbazole based liquid crystals: Organic materials for technological applications
  • Gene delivery: nanotechnology meets medicine
  • Chemically writing to surfaces: using electrons and x-rays as reagents on a surface

Professor Nigel Simpkins

  • Synthesis Towards the Antitubercular Hirsutellone Alkaloids
  • Novel Chemistry of Rotaxanes

Dr John Snaith

  • Stereoselective synthesis of heterocyclic natural products by novel cyclisation strategies
  • Targeted multimodal imaging agents for cancer

Dr Jim Tucker

  • The design and synthesis of modified oligonucleotides that act as DNA sensors
  • The development of molecular machines based on pyramidal nitrogen inversion

Dr John Wilkie

  • Chemical informatics: Determining enzyme substrate specificity by ligand profiling
  • The role of asymmetry in the catalytic mechanism of transhydrogenase