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What is CivSoc?

CivSoc is the society for Civil Engineering students run by Civil Engineering students. As a society we want to help bring together the different years from civil engineering by providing the members with a good time throughout the year; organising nights out, industry talks and a massive end of year summer trip.

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We try our best to arrange as many social events of as many different forms as possible throughout the year. These will undoubtedly include…  


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  • Dressing Up
  • Pub/Bar Crawls
  • Meals Out
  • Inter-Society Events
  • Sports (football, hockey, rugby)
  • The Easter Ball
  • Site Visits


 Links to Industry...

CivSoc members on site on a rooftopDue to the nature of the degree, it’s really important and advisable to be constantly reminded of how the theory you are learning is actually applied in practice. As part of CivSoc socials, we bring in some of the best in the industry professionals to give very informative talks and also to help with the career choices you will be making. We do our best to do this in the most relaxed atmosphere and could even tie it in with a nice social afterwards!



Meet The Committee....

  • Joel Evans (PRESIDENT) “Hello I’m Joel Evans and I am the president of CivSoc for this year. My job is to make sure that you have the best ever time at UOB. Having just completed my first year, I can still remember just how enjoyable the first year can be with the help of CivSoc. Together the committee organise a variety of socials, fulfilling all of your social needs. We can also help with any questions from academic to general problem areas (e.g. learning to live on your own etc). If you come to Birmingham, CivSoc will be there from day one to help you out. Look forward to seeing you soon!”
  • Joe Solway (VICE PRESIDENT) “Hey, I’m Joe, the Vice-President. I will be supporting Joel making sure all the events run smoothly and safely, ensure that fun is had by all. When you come to Birmingham I would recommend joining CivSoc as I’ve found it’s a great way to mix with everyone from the other years, who give you an insight into what you can expect in the next few years. Birmingham for me was a great choice”
  • Harriet Wilcox (SECRETARY) "Hi I’m Harriet, the secretary this year. My job is to make sure the Facebook group and notice board are full of info to keep you up to date with what’s going on so you won’t miss out. CivSoc’s a great way to have fun with others on your course outside of academic work and I hugely recommend it. Last year was so much fun; the High Vis Bar Crawl was one of the first events and shouldn’t be missed so join in as soon as you arrive!”
  • Alex Hall (TREASURER) “Hello I’m Alex and I’m the treasurer for the year. My job to make sure you get the most out of your membership and pay the lowest possible prices. I help in organising and making sure the events run really well. CivSoc has not only made my university social life even better but I have found the friendships made from it very useful when it comes to doing work as well! I am looking forward to meeting you all in September 2013!”
  • Ben Bennett (SOCIAL SEC) “Hey guys! I’m Ben; I’m the Social secretary for this year, which means I’ll be organizing the social events. Last year with CivSoc was awesome! I had a ton of fun and met some great people, having these socials is a great way to get to know your course mates, which makes doing group projects so much easier! We want you guys to have as much fun as we did our first year, and are always here to help if you have any questions! Looking forward to meeting you all soon!”

Reasons to Study at Birmingham...


Some testimonials from CivSoc members about life at Birmingham:

  • Agota Mockute "Birmingham has amazing lecturers and exciting modules. There is lots of fun with CivSoc and other societies and unforgettable moments with a bunch of new friends. Even after my first year at the University of Birmingham, it is continuing to be filled with priceless experiences that I wouldn’t change for anything. Trust me, I'm an Engineer."

  • Alex Hall "I chose the University of Birmingham for the Course and the campus. I was unsure at the start if engineering was for me but as the course progressed I became more and more confident that I had chosen the right degree and university to attend. The staff really care about helping you gain the skills you need for future employment and they also found me paid work experience for my summers. The campus is great with almost everything you could need in its historic and stunning grounds, and if there is something you need that isn't then it’s only a short journey into the bustling city centre. I'm now part of the CivSoc committee, but since my first year CivSoc helped me by introducing a more social side to the engineering course. Come to Birmingham. You won't regret it."

  • Harriet Wilcox "The civil engineering department has great facilities and it’s useful to see what you learn in lectures in a practical setting. After being introduced to CivSoc it seemed like a really good idea to get together socially with course mates outside of university hours. The options for university accommodation also appealed as there was such a sense of identity and pride in the different halls."

  • Henry Appleby "My four years at UOB and being part of CivSoc have been packed with good times and unforgettable experiences it is going to be so hard to leave. I can't put it words the fun I’ve had at university surrounded by students all just trying to have the best time possible, whilst learning how to design structures. There is real ambition in the department which is so organised and dedicated to seeing me succeed, that I believe it must be one of the best around."

  • Matt Ingram "What I particularly liked about the course at the University of Birmingham was how they focused a lot on the design aspect of Civil engineering, which to me is important. The vast amount of optional modules to choose from allows you to pick almost any subject to learn alongside the course, engineering related or not. Also, the CivSoc society has regular events to make sure that you make the most of the social aspects of the course."

  • Jo Maguire "I decided to come to the University of Birmingham because I preferred campus style universities as it creates a great community feel. The lecturers and staff are very friendly and CivSoc (the civil engineering society) helps you socialise with other students. The university is also right next to Birmingham a vibrant city with museums, restaurants, shows, concerts and Broad Street for great nights out!"

  • Christyn Kwan "As Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, this makes it easier for international students to adapt to a new environment as there are so many people from different countries. CivSoc provides a way of meeting other international students. Also, the university has good facilities, particularly for civil engineering students, such as the civil lab."

  • Joe Solway "I chose to come to Birmingham because it has one of the most stunning campus around. The size of the university and the city mean that there is never a shortage of things to do. Birmingham also has excellent sporting facilities and excels in every area of sport, but also offers sport at a participation level. Civil Engineering at UOB is accredited by the ICE and covers all the necessary academic criteria required to get you off to a flying start in industry, with the added bonus of good industry links supported by CivSoc’s extra-curricular activities."

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