School of Civil Engineering Beale Lectures: Spring term 2014

Corporate Services, Engineering and Physical Sciences, Research, Teaching
Tuesday 21st January (17:00) - Thursday 27th March 2014 (06:00)

For more information and for Industrial colleagues to offer a talk, please contact Dr Jenny Illingsworth, Industrial Liaison Manager, on

Civil Engineering students can see the latest updates on WebCT and everyone can follow @civeng_unibham for up-to-date lecture details.

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The School of Civil Engineering’s industrial lectures for the spring term will concentrate on 3 evening lectures and a Beale Afternoon on 12th February. We’re also delighted that the regional professional institutions are choosing Birmingham for their competitions and special events so please put these dates in your diaries too!

All students in the School, and anyone interested in the topic, are welcome. Each talk will be given by an engineer working in the civil engineering (or related) industry and the series will prove interesting, informative and an opportunity to meet potential employers – as well as giving students an insight into what they might be doing yourself in the not-to-distant-future.

Date Time Location Company Name Topic
21 Jan
17:00-18:00 G36 Arup Richard Matthews Airports of the Future - The Engineering Challenges
28 Jan
17:00-18:00 G36 Atkins Neil Fraser Things you learn after leaving university: the financial, risk and commercial environment of civil engineering in the outside world
29 Jan
12:00-17:00 Design Centre RESPECT recruitment interviews
04 Feb
17:00-18:00 G26 IBM Stuart Foster Linking infrastructure to its systems - the role of IT innovation in enineering
12 Feb
12:15-13:00 G29 C2HM Hill Peter Robery The role of materials (and their failings) - why do we bother worrying about the materials?
13:15-14:00 B22 WSP Consultants Chris Lawrence Case studies on rail projects: HS2 Birmingham to Leeds; Kings Cross/St Pancras tunnels
14:00-15:00 B22 URS Petros Isidourou Case studies in geotechnical engineering
18 Feb
16:00-18:00 Noble Room,
Staff House
Spring Careers Fair: watch out for emails and notices about who's coming
Institution Events:
18 Feb
18:00 G36 I Struct E Make and Break competition
06 Mar
18:00 G36 ICE Graduates & Students group talk: History of ICE
26 Mar
18:00 G36 ICE Communications Competition