Scholarships for international students

The following awards are available to all privately funded international students applying for undergraduate programmes in the Schools of Engineering.

 Amount awarded per yearCumulative value of award per yearWho is eligible?
Entry Bursary £1,500 £1,500 All international students
Achievement Award £1,000 £2,500 International students with a high academic standard (equivalent to AAB at A-level)
Excellence Scholarship £500 £3,000 International students with an excellent academic standard (equivalent to AAA at A-level)

These awards are cumulative, so the best students will receive a total of £3000 to offset their tuition fees.

All eligible students will receive an Entry Bursary of £1500 per year. Those who perform to a high standard will receive an additional Achievement Award of £1000 per year. Those whose performance is judged to be excellent will receive an additional Excellence Scholarship of £500 per year. Therefore, the best students could receive a total of £12,000 over a four year degree.

A wide range of international qualifications will be considered - please contact the admissions tutor to find out the criteria that would apply in each case. Full terms and conditions (PDF 20 KB) together with a list of common grades considered equivalent to A-level scores AAB and AAA are posted on the web.

The Bursary and Achievement Award will be automatically retained for each year of study, provided the student proceeds normally to the next level. Students who fail on academic grounds to proceed to the next level of study will forfeit both these awards.

To retain the Excellence Scholarship, students must continue to perform at first class level – ie they must achieve an average mark of at least 70% at the end of each year.

There is no special application process – the awards will be made automatically to all eligible students admitted to the Schools of Engineering at the University of Birmingham who apply by the end of September to commence their studies in the October of their year of entry.

Students who are in receipt of support from other funding bodies which wholly cover their tuition fees are not eligible for any of the awards. Students in receipt of part-funding should contact the admissions tutor to check their eligibility.

Awards will be made to students commencing any programme offered by the Schools, including Foundation Year students. Those entrants to the Foundation Year or the International Foundation Programme who do not meet the criteria for the Achievement Award or Excellence Scholarship on academic grounds at entry can subsequently qualify for these awards for the remainder of their studies if they gain an overall average of at least 60% (Achievement Award) or 70% (Scholarship) and full credits at the end of the foundation year.