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Welcome to your Computer Science Family: a network for alumni, students, faculty and friends from the School of Computer Science and part of the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Community.

Whether a student, recent graduate or seasoned alumnus, let us know where you are and what you are doing. 



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Community news

Mapping biological sequences or tracking tweets: computer scientists find new, unique approaches to data analysis

Classification models are of overall importance in a variety of data analysis tasks, like classifying patient data to diseases or images to categories. If the training data for these models are vectorial and expected to be fully labeled, effective classifiers are readily available. In the modern world where data are generated much quicker than we are able to analyze it, the labeling of data becomes very costly and is often partially missing.

Changing Interactions: A perspective on the nature of our interaction with computers, and what this means for the future

Professor Russell Beale delivered his inaugural lecture in November 2014. This profile celebrates his success in the field of Computer Science.
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There are many ways you can get involved in the School, your relationship with us doesn't end with graduation.

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Many of our former students have gone on to successful careers in computing and related fields. Find out what some of our graduates are up to.