Undergraduate courses

The School of Dentistry offers three undergraduate programmes across dentistry and biomedical materials science.

As well as specialised teaching in core areas of dentistry, dental hygiene and dental therapy, integrated teaching and learning takes place between Dental Surgery and Dental Hygiene and Therapy students in the Clinical Practice setting, fostering the team approach to dentistry and developing students' inter-professional communication and problem solving skills.

Alongside these programmes, Biomedical Materials Science teaches students how biomaterials such as dental implants, hip replacements, tissue engineering and pacemakers are used to replace damaged or diseased tissues in the human body - an issue that is becoming more and more relevant in a world with an increasingly ageing population.

Undergraduate programmes:


Courses available in the School

Biomedical Materials Science BMedSc

Undergraduate degree course/programme Biomedical Materials Science BMedSc BJ95 

Artificial hip and knee joints, replacement blood vessels and heart valves, artificial teeth and fillings, contact lenses, modern drug delivery systems and tissue engineering are just a few of [more...]