The Pool Game

A work in development performance of 'The Pool Game', written by Liz Tomlin (Department of Drama and Theatre Arts) and directed by Di Sherlock (David Glass Ensemble, Nigel Charnock Company) was held at the mac (Midlands Arts Centre) 1-2 March, 7.45pm.

Originally inspired by Kafka’s The Trial, The Pool Game offers each player the chance of redemption or punishment, delivered by a judge and a watching jury who are innocent of nothing.

As the two players battle it out on the pool table, they struggle to keep themselves and their audience focused on the rules of this game, as the ever-changing rules, and ever worsening repercussions, from the world outside the room begin to disrupt the smooth running of the court. This is a darkly comic game which no-one can win, with unexpected consequences for all of those watching.

Geiger Counter is an emerging company committed to exploring the possibilities of new writing through a range of diverse performance contexts.