Past events in English Literature


5th December - Bad books: in the library with Joe Orton and Kenneth Halliwell

29th November - Unmasking 'The Confessional Unmasked'

28th November - Sound as affect on/as meaning and nervous receptivity

18th November - Centre for Literary Editing and the Materiality of the Text symposium

14th November - What is ambient literature?

9th November - CREMS Research Roundtable

8th November - The disappointment of Wordsworth's letters

27th October - Shakespeare Institute open afternoon for prospective students

25th October - Blackmail, sodomy, and sex work: Oscar Wilde on trial

10th October - The COVE and SHORE: responding to the crisis facing the humanities

10th October - Jackie Kay and Kit de Waal

3rd October - When does an audiobook stop being a book?

9th June - The Zine Factory

24th May - Better together? Exploring research collaboration

23rd May - Digital and social media workshop

23rd May - Digital and social media

16th May - The contemporary "Middlebrow"

9th May - Postcolonial poetics

25th April - Kill John Bull with Art: Modernism, Literary Elites and the Battle for Culture

14th March - New media face culture, cinematic affect, and the recent films of Scarlett Johansson

8th February - 'Authorship' talks

3rd February - 'Marmoreal Sisterhoods' and 'Mounting a poetic defence against 'fleshliness''

3rd February - 'The South-African "Children of the Mist"' and 'Riding like a Godiva'

3rd February - 'Saint Hunting with Saint Hannah' and 'Tagging Alongside'

20th January - 'The Aeriform Effusion' and 'Coleridge's Motion'