English postgraduate alumni profiles

Quote by alumna Samar Samir Mezghanni

Samar Samir Mezghanni completed her Masters in Critical Discourse, Communication and Culture in 2011. She is currently a freelance consultant on different missions for international agencies and organizations in Tunisia.

She writes, 'My studies at University of Birmingham exposed me to a wide range of teaching methods that are all interactive and encourage students’ creativity and initiative. This was really positive but new to me: I completed my undergraduate degree in  Tunisia where the schooling system inspired by the French system. Different educational methodologies, a stimulating environment and different ways of learning presented an enjoyable challenge for me. Studying at Birmingham was a unique experience!

The campus offered me an intercultural environment that shaped my personality and developed my skills. It was these skills and my experience at Birmingham that lead to my employment straight after I finished my studies. I worked for a year in the British Council in Tunis. I learnt a lot there and I was able to move to the United Nations to work for them as a consultant.

I now have a wide network and continue to build a career as a free-lance. The best thing about my job is that it keeps me connected to the development sector that my country needs the most at this time. Being freelance makes me flexible in my time management and allows me to get involved in other activities besides work. This means I can now take upon further study and I have now been admitted for a PhD at the University of Cambridge. My various achievements since attending the University of Birmingham means that I was recently selected as one of the most influential Arab women which is a tremendous privilege'.