Corpus research

The University of Birmingham was an early pioneer in Corpus Linguistics and has been at the forefront of this field for over forty years.

Many leading figures in corpus research have worked here in the past (including Tim Johns, John Sinclair, Wolfgang Teubert), and the tradition continues to the present with cutting edge research being conducted in evaluation, local grammars and in interdisciplinary and specialised discourses. The University of Birmingham is both the physical and spiritual home of the Collins Cobuild Bank of English, and corpus methods and resources are central to much of our research. Insights derived from corpus linguistics continue to change our view of language – including grammar and phraseology – and corpus methodologies are central in much current work in applied linguistics, discourse studies, text analysis, lexicography and workplace discourse. Indeed, a particular strength at Birmingham is work carried out at the interface between corpus linguistics, discourse analysis and language learning and teaching.

As well as our popular PhD programme in English Language and Applied Linguistics, we run an MA in Applied Corpus Linguistics and an MRes in Corpus Linguistics. Our campus MA programmes in Applied Linguistics and English Language and Applied Linguistics and our distance MA in Applied Linguistics programmes also feature options in corpus linguistics.

See our Centre for Corpus Research for more information about our staff and their areas of expertise in corpus research.