Edgar Emmanuell Garcia Ponce

Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: Oral interaction between teacher - learners in Mexican EFL classrooms: A discourse analysis.
Supervisor: Dr Caroline Tagg and Dr Almut Koester
PhD Applied Linguistics


My research intends to analyse the oral interaction between teachers and students inside the classroom in Mexico, following evidence that students in Mexican schools are not developing the oral skills that are supposed to be provided in English lessons. It is planned that after having carried out the analysis, a proposal for teachers and learners will be provided for the Mexican educative context. 

Immediately after having finished my BA, I started my masters in Applied Linguistics, where I did some research about the language through a sociolinguistic perspective, but more specifically about Foreign Language teaching. I obtained the degree with research on Foreign Language Planning in a school, where students have not been meeting their linguistic goals globally. This research could give a proposal to the school's administration in terms of decisions or strategiees that have to be changed or reconsidered. My studies are sponsored by CONACyT (The National Council for Science and Technology) and SEP (Secretariat of Public Education).