Ruihan Zhang

Ruihan Zhang

Department of English Language and Applied Linguistics
Doctoral researcher

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Phd title: A Sociolinguistic Study of the Narratives and Identity of the Very Old in Hong Kong and the UK
SupervisorProfessor Michael Toolan
PhD Applied Linguistics


Ruihan Zhang is a first-year PhD student in linguistics at the University of Birmingham, with research interests primarily in language and ageing in cultural contexts, quality of life in old age, narrative and identity theories. Her current research project aims to compare and understand how older people in the UK and Hong Kong talk about their past and present experiences, and how such narratives can contribute to the construction of their identity and values of life in old age. Since 2012, Ruihan has been presenting her work at various international conferences, in Hong Kong, Japan, and Switzerland. Her latest paper presented at a linguistic conference in Oberaegeri, Central Switzerland in June, 2014 is titled: A Theoretical Framework for A Sociolinguistic Study of the Identity of the Very Old in Hong Kong and the UK.

Miss Zhang graduated with a BA in English from Nanjing University in China in 2011. Before she came to the UK, she was studying her MPhil Degree in Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong from 2011 to 2013.