Paula Baldwin


Doctoral researcher

Shakespeare Institute



PhD title: Looking for the Private in Shakespeare: Women’s Place and Space in a Selection of Plays.
Supervisor: Professor John Jowett
PhD English Literature
: Santiago of Chile (South America)


  • Professional Qualification as a Teacher of English, The Catholic University (PUC), Chile
  • BA in Letters: English Literature, The Catholic University (PUC), Chile
  • MSt in English 1550-1780, University of Oxford, UK;


I’m also interested in the translation and adaptation of Shakespeare’s plays outside Britain.

My research aims at defining the concept of privacy and how this is represented in the text and onstage both from a historical and a literary perspective. This spatial approach will become the tool to analyse the role women have in some of Shakespeare’s plays according to the space – public or private – that they inhabit.

Last year I was involved in a research project funded by Universidad de los Andes where I work. The result of this investigation was the first Chilean translation of The Tempest (Santiago: Editorial Universitaria, 2010), in co-authorship with one of my colleagues, Dr. Braulio Fernández Biggs. The translation includes a very detailed introduction explaining the culture of Elizabethan theatre and the problems of translating iambic pentameter and rhyming verse into Spanish. This version includes more than 120 philological notes and explanations of the meaning of some of the Elizabethan words and phrases. It is the first Spanish translation that follows the academic and textual standards used in the Anglo-Saxon world for the study of Shakespeare; that is to say: indication of acts, scenes, and lines in the page layout. The play will be performed at the university in October 2011.

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