Thea Buckley

Thea Buckley

Shakespeare Institute
Doctoral researcher

Contact details

PhD title: South India's Self-directed Shakespeare
Supervisor: Professor Michael Dobson
PhD English Literature
Hometown: Kerala, India


  • BA English Literature (University of Madras)
  • PGDip Education and Training (University of Surrey)
  • MA Shakespeare and Education (Shakespeare Institute, University of Birmingham)


Having grown up in the USA and India, I am interested in exploring the intersection between Shakespeare’s original English works and their twenty-first century South Indian adaptations into local languages, with the potential for the meeting point of two great dramatic cultural traditions as a forum, underpinned by residual colonial legacies, for intercultural discourse.

In analyzing the hybridization of newly secular British drama with traditionally sacred Indian theatre art, I will look at South Indian Shakespeare productions for indigenous art forms ranging from the two-thousand year old Koodiyattam to contemporary modern Malayalam drama.

My research aims to critically examine the implications of this transposing of early modern English theatre into contemporary South Indian drama enacted on the stage of a global society, for an East-West postcolonial, artistic dialogue.