Tristan Hunkin

Tristan Hunkin

Shakespeare Institute
Doctoral researcher

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PhD title: Dreams, Sleep and Genre in Shakespeare's Plays
Supervisor: Professor Kate McLuskie and Professor Michael Dobson
PhD English Literature
Hometown: Cornwall, UK


  • BA (Hons, First Class) in English and Related Literature (York)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism, (Falmouth)
  • MA (Distinction) in Shakespeare and Theatre, (Birmingham)


Having successfully undertaken my Masters study through the innovative flexible delivery of the modular Shakespeare and Theatre course, I was pleased to be able to continue studying part-time on a predominately distance learning basis. Excellent support from my supervisor, Institute staff and the library team on the main campus, in conjunction with a wealth of online resources have ensured that, although I am based in Cornwall, I still have easy access to the materials and expert help that I require. The Institute and, indeed, my employer have been extremely understanding of the challenges of balancing study with a fulltime job and, touch wood, midway through the course I have been equal to the challenge. I am also Group Head of News for a group of seven commercial radio stations across the country.


Discussion of children in Renaissance drama is divided between those that view them as a passive social construct of a dominant adult society and those who regard their roles in the drama as examples of the subordinated, marginalised and displaced from which to explore the society responsible for the repression. The history of this bifurcation of childhood has its origins in a similar division in nineteenth century society. Children were both sentimentalised and abused and official responses to both phenomena in the progressive educational movement and child protection measures seems to have significant links to the presentation of children in Shakespeare and early modern drama.