Cecilia Kendall White


Doctoral researcher

Shakespeare Institute



PhD title: Music in the performance of Shakespeare at the Globe, 1997-2005
Supervisor: Professor Kate McLuskie and Professor Michael Dobson
MPhil English


  • BA English (Birmingham)
  • MA Shakespeare Studies (Birmingham)


Having played one instrument or another since I was 6, it seemed natural to explore the effect of music in my other great interest, literature. 

My research developed from my MA dissertation which contained new work on the scores from the 2002 Twelfth Night and 2004 Measure for Measure

My thesis will explore the neglected dimension of theatrical music at the Globe in the Rylance years, using the scores as the primary resource, in order to illustrate music’s function not only as aural decoration or as part of theatrical convention but a significant and powerful device in creating and shaping dramatic outcomes in performance.

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