Yolana Wassersug


Doctoral researcher

Shakespeare Institute

Yolana Wassersug


PhD title: The Cultural Value of Portraits and Painters in English Dramatic Literature, 1533-1642
Supervisor: Dr Martin Wiggins
PhD English
Hometown: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


  • B.A. Early Modern Studies and Theatre Studies (University of King’s College, Halifax)
  • M.A. Shakespeare Studies (University of Birmingham).


After doing my M.A. at the Institute, I could not imagine a place I would rather pursue a research degree. The Institute is more than just a convenient nexus for people who love Shakespeare to cross paths. It is the right place for any student whose academics goals are early modern dramatic literature or poetry, cultural history, or performance studies.


My research project developed out of a desire to write about two subjects that I find very interesting: dramatic literature and early modern portraiture. The thesis will explore how painters and portraits are represented on stage in extant works of dramatic writing from the period between 1533 and 1642. The goal of the project is to clarify how early modern people understood the value of portraiture. This research will explore the use of portraits in multiple aspects of early modern life from family identity, to love and courtship rituals, and the monarchy.

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